How it works


ShopClub provides merchants with:


Merchants set own commissions. Loyalty rewards to consumers depend on commissions set by a merchant. A higher commission provides more rewards and is a bigger incentive to attract and retain customers.


Upon a registration you claim your business from a preloaded catalog at ShopClub, which may already have followers. Your registration information and set commission levels are subjects to review by the administrator. Upon approval, registered merchant becomes an "Approved shop."

Tracking solutions

ShopClub provides purchase tracking solutions for online and offline transactions. Our tracking solution can co-exist with merchant's existing tracking systems.


Shop profile includes: description, link to the website and social networks, information about reward levels, consumer reviews, photos, followers list and a deal feed.


Shop followers are consumers who identified a particular shop as their favorite shop, i.e. a shop is added by a consumer to their Shops loop. Followers receive loyalty rewards for purchases made at that shop. Followers are also subscribed to merchant's deal feed. Followers' rewards depend on their Shopper Rank at that shop.

Merchant broadcast

This is a channel for merchants to provide Deal and events information to followers.

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